Advanced Heads Up Poker Strategy

Here you will find articles that address the more advanced strategies of heads up poker. This will include topics such as expected value, bank roll management, hand analysis, opponent reading, and more.

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Popular Advanced Heads Up Strategy Articles:


Becoming a Poker Pro

So you have built your initial online poker deposit into a nice bankroll playing heads-up poker. The question now becomes should you take the next step and become a poker pro? This article looks at the question of what it takes to be a poker pro by examining some of the practical and psychological aspects of taking this important step...

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How to Read your Opponent During Heads Up Play

Reading opponents is an important aspect of all forms of poker. The ability to accurately interpret your opponent’s actions and to put them on a hand (or range of hands) separates the great players from the merely good. The betting patterns of your opponent are an excellent way to narrow down their range of hands in a heads-up poker game. Any time you see a showdown you should go back through the betting rounds to gain an understanding of your opponent’s thought process...

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How Heads up Play differs from 6-10 Person Play

While heads up poker and 6-10 person play (ring games) share many similarities there are also some important differences that need to be taken into account. These include the rank of starting hands, probability that an opponent has a strong starting hand, the general strength of hands that win showdowns and the importance of position.  In a ring game you need to...

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Phil Hellmuth's Heads Up Strategy

With a record breaking 11 World Series Bracelets to his name Phil Hellmuth is undoubtedly one of the poker greats. His skill is based on reading opponents and he is capable of making both ‘big lay-downs’ and ‘Big Calls’ based on these skills. Hellmuth is no stranger to Heads-Up Poker success – winning the inaugural NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2005 by defeating...

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