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    While this site is dedicated to heads up poker, we feel the need to
    present some general poker strategy articles that will help your overall game.


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    Featured Articles:

    Poker Pot Odds Explained

    Calculating Poker Pot Odds an important skill which every poker player needs to learn. Poker is a game of betting, the pot odds are the price you are paying to call a bet as a proportion of the current size of the pot. This article looks at how to calculate poker pot odds and some of the uses of pot odds during the course of a hand...

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    What is Expected Value

    Expected Value (EV) in Poker describes whether a bet, call or raise has a positive or negative monetary outcome over time. The use of randomly dealt cards in poker means chance has a big influence on any individual hand. EV calculations are thus performed over a large sample to balance out these chance factors. For example a pair of aces will win against a pair of kings all-in pre-flop approximately 80% of the time – the EV of your $10 all-in bet with aces is...

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    10 Sit N' Go Tips

    Sit and Go tournaments (sit and goes) are a hugely popular poker variation. Usually involving just 1 table these miniature tournaments pay the top 3 finishers. With no scheduled start time, sit and go tournaments begin as soon as enough players have joined the table. This article looks at 10 tips to help you start winning sit and goes today...

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    What are Poker Outs

    ‘Outs’ in poker is a term used to describe any unseen cards that will improve your current hand. In community card games such as Texas Hold em there are 47 unseen cards after the flop has been dealt (you have 2 in your hand and there are 3 more on the flop). You can calculate the chances of your hand improving on the turn and river by dividing the number of unseen cards that will help your hand by those that will not...

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    Multi Table Tournament Strategy

    In this three part series we give you tips on how to pace your style of play for different segments of multi table tournaments.  It is broken up into the beginning, middle/end, and the final table.  Be sure that you know your game plan when playing in a multi table tournament or else you may wind up knocked out before you know it.