Intermediate Heads Up Poker Strategy

In this category you can find more in depth articles about heads up poker. This category will have articles on topics such as reading your opponents, playing position, betting strategies, and more.


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Featured Articles:

Heads Up Betting Strategy

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of heads up poker is how you handle your opponents strategy.  Are they aggressive, tight, or a mix of both?  One thing for sure is that you should always be aggressive.  Take notes on your opponent and decide which style his strategy falls into.  Is he not raising most of the time?  He may be a tight player that is afraid to raise big on a marginal hand.  Once you have determined your opponents style of play, you can take advantage of it.  If he always checks, you should definitely limp...

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Heads Up Poker:  Playing Tight and Aggressive

When you really think about it, playing heads up poker is a very personal game.  It is one on one, and all your mistakes show.  It isn't a team sport, and you better make the right decisions so you don't look foolish or even worse lose the game.  The game is so simple yet so complex.  If you think it is all about the cards you hold in your hand, think again.  There are so many little characteristics of heads up poker that make it the great game it is.
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Ten Heads Up Poker Tips

Heads-Up Poker games, where you face just one opponent, are an exiting and demanding variation of the usual ring-game format. This article contains 10 tips that will get you winning at heads-up poker...

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