Top Ten Heads Up Poker Tips


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10. Talk Smack - Do what you need to do to keep your opponent from getting too comfortable. Question his decisions.

9. Check Raise Em. - That's right, just check, and when they try to buy the pot re-raise the hell out of them.

8. Use your position to your advantage - Don't let them limp in on a small blind.

7. Control the action - Don't get bossed around.

6. Keep your head clear, no tilt - If you find yourself losing your cool, take a chill pill.

5. Calculate Odds - Know how to calculate odds and percentages so you can make the right decisions.

4. Know about outs - 52 Cads in a deck, 13 of each suit, 4 of each.

3. Watch for Tells - Does he play hard when he's got nothing? Does he play like he's got nothing when he really has a good hand? Make a note of it.

2. Bluff Often - Don't be afraid to make a smart bluff if you think your opponent wont call.

1. Be aggressive. Don't get steamrolled, be the steamroller.